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How to travel to Conference Venue
University Campus "Borská pole", Univerzitní­ 26, Plzeňˆ
Loc: 49°43'25.721"N, 13°21'2.549"E
From main Railway Station
(Plzeň - Hlavní­ nádraží­)
From Central Bus Station
(CAN - Centrální­ autobusové nádraží­)
by public transport:
  • go out from the main hall, then to the right
  • use the subway to get to the tram station
  • cross the rails and take the tram No. 1 heading to Slovany (white text on blue background)
  • get out at the terminal (Náměstí­ Milady Horákové)
  • cross the square to the bus stop (see the map of Public Transport)
  • from the "Milady Horákové" station take the bus No. 30 to the "Západočeská Univerzita" station (6th stop)
  • take the trolley-bus No. 12 from the station "CAN,Tylova" to the "Částkova, Sušická" station, then change for the bus No. 30 from the station "Částkova" to the "Západočeská Univerzita" station
  • or you can walk to the tram No. 4 (about 15 minutes walk), then take the tram No. 4 heading to "Bory", get out at the terminal, take the bus No. 30 or 24 to the "Západočeská Univerzita" station (next stop)
You will need 2 tickets for this transport (you can buy them in the ticket machine or at a tobacconist) for 18 Kč each (36 Kč for this way) - Kč = Czech Crowns.
by TAXI:
  • go out from the main hall, then you can see the TAXI stand.
  • near the Bus Station building
Conference venue: Conference Venue
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