Conference Programme - preliminary version

Common program parts
5 September 2017
  • 8:00 - 9:00 - Registration
  • 9:20 - Opening speeches
  • 10:00 - 10:40 - Plenary session - invited lecture
  • 11:00 - Start Conference sessions
6 September 2017
  • 9:00 - Start Conference sessions
Hints for
preparing presentations
  • Time period for each presentation, including discussion, is 20 minutes – NOT more
  • Recommended form is a PowerPoint presentation
  • A PC and a data projector will be available in each room
  • Speakers can bring their data either on a CD or on a Flash
Schedule changes are possible
Sessions rooms and time - date/time order
Session name Day Room Time Chairman
Plenary - Invited lecture 5 Sep 2017 EP110 09:00 - 11:00 n/a
Signal processing and medicine 5 Sep 2017 EU104 11:00 - 15:40 n/a
Embedded systems, HW and SW 5 Sep 2017 EU106 11:00 - 15:40 n/a
Electronic systems and applications in physics 5 Sep 2017 EU108 11:00 - 15:40 n/a
Electronics in measurement and control 6 Sep 2017 EU106 09:00 - 14:00 n/a
Electronics in industry and transport 6 Sep 2017 EU108 09:00 - 14:00 n/a
Sessions rooms and time - visualisation
Papers in sessions - alphabetical order
Section: Electronic systems and applications in physics (12)
Rehman S., Kmaboh A., Yang Y. A 79µW 0.24mm2 8-Channel Neural Signal Recording Front-End Integrated Circuit [28]
Rehman S. Accuracy Analysis of a New Reference-Free Digital Temperature Sensor in CMOS [29]
Vertat I., Linhart R., Dudacek L., Daniel V., Svoboda P. Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Radio Commanding of VZLUSAT-1 Nanosatellite from Ground Control Station in Pilsen [22]
Matousek D., Beran L. Comparison of Positive and Negative Dickson Charge Pump and Fibonacci Charge Pump [2]
Obermaier J., Specht R., Sigl G. Fuzzy-Glitch: A Practical Ring Oscillator Based Clock Glitch Attack [16]
Reis A., Carvalho J., Rocha J., Gameiro A. Groups of Synchronizers for Communications by Fiber Optic [87]
Nagy L., Chvala A., Stopjakova V., Blaho M., Kuzmik J., Gregusova D., Satka A. Performance Analysis of Monolithically Integrated Depletion-/Enhancement-Mode InAlN/GaN Heterostructure HEMT Transistors [4]
Matousek D., Rejfek L. Practical Aspects of Realisation of Negative Charge Pumps [3]
Teodorescu H. Simple Nonlinear Circuits and Applications to Chaotic Sensors and Chaos Generators [36]
Manek P., Begera J., Bergmann B., Burian P., Janecek J., Polansky S., Pospisil S., Suk M. Software System for Data Acquisition and Analysis Operating the ATLAS-TPX Network [76]
Puricer P., Kovar P., Mikes J., Kakona J. Telemetry System for Research Stratospheric Balloon [27]
Kuo C., Lin C., Chang L., Kuo Y., Lin K. Visual Servo Control for the Underwater Robot Station-Keeping [56]
Section: Electronics in industry and transport (12)
Ariyan A., Yazdani M. A High Step Down Buck Converter with Soft Switching Technique [79]
Rigatos G., Siano P., Ademi S. A Nonlinear Optimal Control Method for Switched Reluctance Machines [5]
Bhajana V., Drabek P., Aylapogu P. A Novel ZCS High Step-up DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage Systems in DC Traction Vehicles [71]
Rigatos G., Siano P., Ademi S. An Adaptive Neurofuzzy Control Method for Switched Reluctance Machines [6]
Skarolek P., Lettl J. Current Limiting Driver for GaN Half-Bridge [75]
Sefa I., Altin N., Ozdemir S., Balci S., Bayram M., Kelebek H. Design and Loss Analysis of LCL Filter Inductors for Two-Level and Three-Level Inverters [42]
Kubik Z., Skala J. Electrical Properties Optimization of Stripline for EMC Testing of Automotive Parts [38]
Stork M., Mayer D. Electronic System for Reactive Power Compensation of Sampled Resitive Load [17]
Lin S., Qi P., Lin J., Zhao X., Weiss G., Ran L. Experimental Ripple Suppression Performance of a Virtual Infinite Capacitor [77]
Merz C., Kupris G. Nonlinear Large Signal Analysis of High Q RF Energy Harvesting Circuits [65]
Bauer J. Output Voltage Estimation for Matrix Converter [64]
Kosik M., Fajtl R., Lettl J. Theoretical Evaluation of Bifurcation in Dependency on Resonance Frequency in Two-Coil Inductive Power Transfer [58]
Section: Electronics in measurement and control (12)
Sostronek M., Matejcek M. A Stability Evaluation of W-Band Direct Detection Radiometer [13]
Draxler K., Styblikova R. Calibration of Instrument Current Transformers at Low Currents Using a Lock-in Amplifier [55]
Yermolaev D., Khmyrova I., Polushkin E., Kovalchuk A., Gavrilenko V., Maremyanin K., Maleev N., Ustinov V., Zemlyakov V., Bespalov V., Egorkin V., Popov V., Shapoval S. Detector for Terahertz Applications Based on a Serpentine Array of Integrated GaAs/InGaAs/AlGaAs-Field-Effect Transistors [21]
Kovar P., Puricer P. Experimental SDR Receiver for Monitoring and Processing of Solar Radio Bursts [83]
Rath G., Harker M. Global Least Squares Solution for LTI System Response [66]
Schmidt M., Brockhaus A., Butzmann S., Aliman M. High Voltage RF Generator and Compensation Network for a FFT Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer [35]
Karlovsky P., Lettl J. Influence of Speed and Flux Estimation by Luenberger Observer on IM Drive with DTC [67]
Kostal T. Offline Induction Machine Parameters Identification Suitable for Self-Commissioning [86]
Oproescu M., Bizon N., Iana G., Birleanu F., Lita I. Optimize of the Long-Term Supply for a Detection, Vibration Monitoring and Recognition of the Critical Infrastructure Protection System [40]
Bizon N., Culcer M., Oproescu M., Iana G., Laurentiu I., Mazare A., Iliescu M. Real-Time Strategy to Optimize the Airflow Rate of Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Source under Variable Load Cycle [41]
Kubik Z., Skala J. Stripline for Electromagnetic Susceptibility Testing – Input Impedance Matching [39]
Ondraczka L., Ondraczka T. Ultrasonic Thermometry Study and Portable Ultrasonic Thermometer Prototype [59]
Section: Embedded systems, HW and SW (11)
Doerr L., Fiala D., Heigl M., Schramm M. Assessment Simulation Model for Uncoupled Message Authentication [18]
Marek J., Hospodka J., Subrt O. Description of the Functional Blocks for the Cross-Coupled Charge Pump Design Algorithm [53]
Mucha M., Mottok J., Krämer S. Estimation of Worst Case Response Time Boundaries in Multi-Core Real-Time System [78]
van Wagensveld R., Margull U. Experiences with HPX on Embedded Real-Time Systems [37]
Schramm M., Dojen R., Heigl M. Experimental Assessment of FIRO- and GARO-Based Noise Sources for Digital TRNG Designs on FPGAs [26]
Paulu F., Hospodka J. GEEC: Graphic Editor of Electrical Circuits [82]
Pfeifer P., Hosseinzadeh F., Vierhaus H. On Comparison of Configurable Encoders in Xilinx and Altera FPGAs [63]
Pfeifer P., Vierhaus H. On Implementation and Usage of Muller C-Element in FPGA-Based Dependable Systems [57]
Niedermaier M., Fischer F., von Bodisco A. PropFuzz - An IT-Security Fuzzing Framework for Proprietary ICS Protocols [8]
Pritel P. Securing Bootloader for Embedded Systems Based on ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers [74]
Tsai M., Chu C., Jiang M., Siow C. Switching Strategy Comparison of SP Compensated Inductive Power Transfer System [49]
Section: Plenary - Invited lecture (1)
Teodorescu H. Sensors Based on Nonlinear Dynamic Systems - A Survey [92]
Section: Signal processing and medicine (11)
Sedlak V., Stopjakova V., Brenkus J. A Real-Time Method for Smoke Detection in Monitored Forest Areas [7]
Jilek J., Stork M. Assessing Left Venticular Ejection Time from Wrist Cuff Pulse Waveforms: Algorithm and Evaluation [1]
Cech J., Rozkovec M. Detecting LWIR Filters Using Hyperspectral Camera and Neural Networks [73]
Stork M., Novak J., Zeman V. Dynamic Models of Some Physiological Parameters in Response to Exercise [47]
Viteckova S., Kutilek P., Krupicka R., Adamova B., Szabo Z., Kopecka J. Evaluation of Movement of Patients with Parkinson's Disease Using Wearable MoCap System and Bilateral Cyclograms [23]
Beresik R., Puttera J., Jurco J. Feature Generation for Seismic and Acoustic Signals Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform [51]
Chen P., Pai N., Huang G., Chen W., Chou M., Chang C. Implement of a 6-DOF Manipulator with Machine Vision and Machine Learning Algorithms [48]
Cerny J., Masopust J. Interference Optimization and Mitigation for LTE Networks [31]
Dostalek L., Safarik J. Strong Password Authentication with AKA Authentication Mechanism [54]
Wang M., Hsieh M., Lu S., Ye G., Yu K., Lai H. Using Chaos Eye Method to Diagnose Power Capacitors [68]
Turcanik M. Using Recurrent Neural Network for Hash Function Generation [10]