Conference Programme - preliminary version

Common program parts
10 September 2019
  • 8:00 - 9:00 - Registration
  • 9:20 - Opening speeches
  • 10:00 - 10:40 - Plenary session - invited lecture
  • 11:00 - Start Conference sessions
  • 9:00 - Start Conference sessions
Hints for
preparing presentations
  • Time period for each presentation, including discussion, is 20 minutes – NOT more
  • Recommended form is a PowerPoint presentation
  • A PC and a data projector will be available in each room
  • Speakers can bring their data either on a CD or on a Flash
Schedule changes are possible
Sessions rooms and time - date/time order
Session name Day Room Time Chairman
Plenary - Invited lecture 10 Sep 2019 EP110 09:00 - 10:20 J. Pinker
Embedded systems, HW and SW 10 Sep 2019 EU104 10:40 - 12:20 n/a
Automotive electronics 10 Sep 2019 EU104 13:00 - 14:40 n/a
Electronics in medicine 10 Sep 2019 EU104 14:40 - 16:00 n/a
Electronics in industry and transport - I 10 Sep 2019 EU106 10:40 - 13:40 n/a
Electronics in measurement and control 10 Sep 2019 EU106 13:40 - 15:40 n/a
Analogue and digital electronic systems 10 Sep 2019 EU108 10:40 - 13:40 n/a
Signal processing 10 Sep 2019 EU108 13:40 - 16:00 n/a
Sessions rooms and time - visualisation
Papers in sessions - alphabetical order
Section: Signal processing (7)
Ponomarenko S., Zaleshin A. About One Pseudolinear Approximation of Exponent [24]
Belik M. Calculation of Solid Particle Trajectory Inside Electrical Separator Based on Measured Values [50]
Gheltu S. Correlations of the Vowel Formants in Romanian and Emotional Effects on Formants [20]
Freitas L., Nogueira A., Melgar M. Data Validation System Using QR Code and Meaningless Reversible Degradation [33]
Teodorescu H., Cojocaru V., Katashev A. Multi-Criterial Assessment of the Uniformity of the Electrical Potential of Micro-Films [34]
Ponomarenko S., Zaleshin A. Sample and Hold Passive Mixer [13]
He Y., Chiang H., Chen J., Chang P. The Inaccuracy of Compensation System of Spindle Thermal Growth in Machine Tool Application and its Solution [46]
Section: Analogue and digital electronic systems (7)
Brtnik B., Matousek D. Active-RC Filters Suitable as Antialiasing and/or Reconstruction Filters [10]
Petrzela J. Circuit Equivalent to Rucklidge System [26]
Barri D., Jakovenko J. Design and Optimization of an Active OTA-C Filter Based on STOHE Algorithm [42]
Kovar P., Puricer P., Morong T., Sturc F. Digital Up and Down Converter for High Performance VHF and UHF Transceiver [37]
Stork M., Mayer D. Modified Tellegen Principle Used for Power and Energy Systems Modeling [36]
Vertat I., Dudacek L. Multidimensional Cross Parity Check Codes as a Promising Solution to CubeSat Low Data Rate Downlink [22]
Matousek D., Brtnik B. Rationalisation of the Fibonacci Charge Pump [6]
Section: Automotive electronics (5)
BHAJANA V., Drabek P. A Novel ZCS/ZVS Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage Applications [47]
Stork M., Pinker J., Weissar P. Adaptive Control System for Autonomous Vehicle Path Following [45]
Teodorescu H. Chirps for Radar Based on Reciprocal Time, Essential Discontinuities and Chaotic Generators [9]
Scharfenberg G., Elis L., Hofmann G. New Design Methodology – Using VHDL-AMS Models to Consider Aging Effects in Automotive Mechatronic Circuits for Safety Relevant Functions [11]
De S., Niklas M., Rooney B., Mottok J., Brada P. Towards Translation of Semantics of Automotive Interface Description Models from Franca to AUTOSAR Frameworks [19]
Section: Electronics in industry and transport - I (7)
Holota R., Koucky V., Krist P., Valenta P., Masek B. Electronic System for Controlled Modification of Temperature Field in Sheet Metal Blanks [38]
Pichlik P. Evaluation of Phase Shift in Electric Drive by Kalman Filter for Wheel Slip Control [14]
Zdansky J., Valigursky J. Influence of Distributed SRCS Architectures on Dependability and Safety of Realised Safety Functions [32]
Niedermaier M., Fischer F., Merli D., Sigl G. Network Scanning and Mapping for IIoT Edge Node Device Security [7]
Zdansky J., Medvedik M. Performing Safety Functions to Monitor the Protected Area Using a Light Curtain [16]
Glasberger T., Kosan T., Molnar J. Rack Mounted Low-Profile Indirect Frequency Converter [39]
Skarolek P., Lettl J. Tracking Deadtime Algorithm for GaN DC/DC Converter [30]
Section: Electronics in measurement and control (6)
Draxler K., Hlavacek J., Styblikova R. Calibration of Instrument Current Transformer Test Sets [48]
Dragoun J., Talla J., Kosan T. Converter Power Losses Computation by FPGA-Based HIL Simulator [40]
Kenyeres M., Kenyeres J. Distributed Network Size Estimation Executed by Average Consensus Bounded by Stopping Criterion for Wireless Sensor Networks [18]
Kubik Z., Skala J. Electromagnetic Interference from DC/DC Converter of Photovoltaic System [3]
Doskocil R., Krivanek V., Bergeon Y., Kornelly T. Mobile Phone as a Sensor for Robot Navigation System [44]
Kenyeres M., Kenyeres J. On Comparative Study of Deterministic Linear Consensus-Based Algorithms for Distributed Summing [17]
Section: Electronics in medicine (4)
Jilek J., Stork M. Assessment of Three Multiple Cuff Blood Pressure Devices [8]
Stork M., Novak J., Broz P. Cardiac Mathematical Models for Exercise Testing on Treadmill Ergometer [12]
Eroglu H. Design and Implementation of a High Voltage Source for Biphasic Electrical Stimulators [41]
Jicinsky M., Mares J., Verespejova L., Chovanec M. Speech Processing in Diagnosis of Vocal Chords Diseases [21]
Section: Embedded systems, HW and SW (5)
Wagner P., Wilhelm T., Sailer A. Analyzing Multi-Core Timing Effects on Control Systems via Co-Simulation [27]
Sido J., Konopík M. Deep Learning for Text Data on Mobile Devices [35]
Mischie S., Pazsitka R. Designing a MSP430 Bootloader [31]
Hrbcek J., Bubenikova E., Janota A. Development of the Short Time Signals Processing Unit Using an Embedded System [25]
Peniak P., Bubenikova E. Validation of IoT Secure Communication Gateway for Constrained Devices [49]
Section: Plenary - Invited lecture (1)
Rymus J. Simulating ADAS Sensors, their Placement and Environment [65]