Conference Program - preliminary version

Common program parts
6 September 2022
  • 8:00 - 9:00 - Registration
  • 9:20 - Opening speeches
  • 10:00 - 10:40 - Plenary session - invited lecture
  • 11:00 - Start Conference sessions
7 September 2022
  • 9:00 - Start Conference sessions
Hints for
preparing presentations
  • Time period for each presentation, including discussion, is 20 minutes – NOT more
  • Recommended form is a PowerPoint presentation
  • A PC and a data projector will be available in each room
  • Speakers can bring their data either on a CD or on a Flash
Schedule changes are possible
Sessions rooms and time - date/time order
Session name Day Room Time Chairman
Analogue and digital electronic systems - I 6 Sep 2022 EU104 10:40 - 12:20 n/a
Analogue and digital electronic systems - II 6 Sep 2022 EU104 13:00 - 15:00 n/a
Electronics in Medical applications 6 Sep 2022 EU104 15:00 - 16:20 n/a
Electronics in industry, EMC - I 6 Sep 2022 EU106 10:40 - 12:20 n/a
Electronics in industry, EMC - II 6 Sep 2022 EU106 13:00 - 14:40 n/a
Electronics in measurement and control 6 Sep 2022 EU106 14:40 - 16:20 n/a
Embedded systems - HW and SW, AI 6 Sep 2022 EU108 10:40 - 12:20 n/a
Signal processing 6 Sep 2022 EU108 13:00 - 14:20 n/a
Electronics in telecommunications, IoT 6 Sep 2022 EU108 14:20 - 16:00 n/a
Sessions rooms and time - visualisation
Papers in sessions - alphabetical order
Section: Analogue and digital electronic systems - I (5)
Kehl Z., Glasberger T., Polacek L. Design of new generation of binary IO card for modular microprocessor control system [28]
Michal V. Floating Voltage Sensing Based on ceramic capacitor Ferroelectric Derating [26]
Barri D. Precise Model of the Effective Threshold Voltage Changes in the DLS MOSFETs for Different Gate Angles Compared with Measured Data [1]
Stork M., Hammerbauer J. Recursive Sine Wave Digital Oscillator with New Method Used for Amplitude Control [11]
Michal V. Regulated Cascode Current Mirror with Improwed Voltage Swing [25]
Section: Analogue and digital electronic systems - II (6)
Pozzobon E., Renner S., Mottok J., Matousek V. An optimized Bitsliced Masked Adder for ARM Thumb-2 Controllers [35]
Asanza V., Montesdeoca G., Chica K., Peluffo-Ordónez D. Analysis of Sorting Algorithms Using a WSN and Environmental Pollution Data based on FPGA [37]
Štengl J., Komrska T., Burian P. Fast Real-Time Data Exchange among Distributed Control System of STATCOM Installation [39]
BHAJANA V., DRABEK P. Improved Non-Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Assisted with an Active Resonant Network [49]
Hock O., Danko M., Sedo J. Resolver interface comparison [41]
Asanza V., Landivar J., Ormaza C., Ojeda V., Avilés J., Peluffo-Ordónez D. Trilateration-based Indoor Location using Supervised Learning Algorithms [36]
Section: Electronics in industry, EMC - I (5)
Yenil V., Cetin S. An Improved Pulse Density Modulation Control for A Semi Active Rectifier in Wireless Power Transfer with LC/S Compensation [21]
Abdulhameed A., Kubík Z. Design and Modelling of Printed Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna with Different Feeding Methods [9]
Frivaldsky M. Evaluation of thermal performance of automotive inverter with laminar busbars [19]
Skarolek P., Lettl J. GaN Based Inverter Current-Collapse Loss Decrease Using 5-segment Modulation [16]
Avotina L., Bumbure L., Goldmane A., Vanags E., Romanova M., Sorokins H., Zaslavskis A., Kizane G., Dekhtyar Y. Thermal behaviour of magnetron sputtered tungsten and tungsten-boride thin films [8]
Section: Electronics in industry, EMC - II (5)
Biel Z., Šuňal M., Kuľha P. Application of inverter parallel operation strategy in railway auxiliary converters [42]
Holček R., Franko M., Šuňal M. Compensation of input impedance by digital control, for high voltage convertor. [29]
Talla J., Janouš Š., Streit L., Suchý O. LQR Control of Input LC filter of a Tram with On-board Energy Storage System [46]
Pittermann M., Blahnik V., Straka M. Model Study of Cooperating Traction Substations at 25 kV Traction Catenary without Superior Power Distribution Control [32]
Valenta P., Georgiev V., Mašek B., Skála J., Koucký V., Hammerbauer J., Krauz J. The speed up of vibrating hydraulic jaws by smart control of electric solenoids [51]
Section: Electronics in measurement and control (4)
Danko M., Hock O., Sedo J. Design of goniophotometer with the automated measuring system [43]
Andel J., Šimák V. Hardware support for research of the sensor fusion of inertial sensors [27]
Šuňal M., Biel Z., Pčola M. Implementation of charger current sharing method in railway application using CAN bus [30]
Matoušek D., Černý O. IO-Link Master Bridge [2]
Section: Electronics in Medical applications (4)
Cetin S., Yenil V., Dere U. An Efficient Wireless Power Transfer System for An Implantable Deep Brain Stimulation [20]
Stork M., Novak J. Anaerobic Threshold Approximation with Minimum Number of Blood Samples [22]
Jilek J., Stork M. Home Blood Pressure Monitors For 21st Century [3]
Teodorescu H. Lambert Function in the Determining of the Noise Equilibrium Frequency for Radiation Detectors [38]
Section: Electronics in telecommunications, IoT (4)
Al-Anbagi H., Vertat I. Collaborative Network of Ground Stations with Diversity Combining Executed at a Virtual Platform [50]
Siahkamari H., Jahanbakhshi M., Lotfi S. New Approach In Designing Hexagonal-Shaped Antenna Based On Area Analysis [45]
Jahanbakhshi M., Hayati M., veřtát I. Prototype of compact Microstrip lowpass filter for active phased antenna array with ultra-wide stopband using funnel shaped resonator [44]
Frauenschläger T., Mottok J. Security-Gateway for SCADA-Systems in Critical Infrastructures [23]
Section: Embedded systems - HW and SW, AI (5)
Maier R., Mottok J. Causality and Functional Safety - How Causal Models Relate to the Automotive Standards ISO 26262, ISO/PAS 21448, and UL 4600 [10]
Reindl A., Langer T., Meier H., Niemetz M. Comparative Reliability Analysis for Single and Dual CAN (FD) Systems [24]
Vins M., Sirovy M. Economic Evaluation of Battery Energy Storage Integration into Plant with Cyclic Load [18]
He Y., Chiang H., Chang P. Investigation of Force-Sensor-Integrated Motorized Spindles and Diagnosis of Unbalanced Tool Operation [17]
KIRAZ E., HATIK F., GUNEL S. Standalone Antenna Measurement System [7]
Section: Signal processing (2)
Husoy J. A Simplified Normalized Subband Adaptive Filter (NSAF) with NLMS-like complexity [6]
Klčo P., Koniar D., Hargaš L., Paškala M. Automated detection of soldering splashes using YOLOv5 algorithm [31]